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Soldier invading Bil'in at 2 am

Soldier invading Bil'in

Five years ago the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued its advisory opinion declaring that the Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is illegal and should be dismantled. After five years of silence and complicity of the international community in perpetrating this crime, several villages across the occupied West Bank have formed committees engaged in continuous demonstrations against the Wall and the settlements. Israel is getting scared by this phenomenon of mass popular resistance, especially because of the unity created amongst Palestinians, Israeli and International activists who have been demonstrating together against the apartheid Wall for more than four years. (more…)


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Just one click

“Just so you know as you sit down to check facebook that there are families in an East Jerusalem neighbourhood sitting outside their house since Sunday waiting for the Israeli security to either evict them all or arrest the father. These people are refugees and were given the house by the Jordanian government. This is torture for them and I know it as I have sat with them and waited. Just so you know as you check facebook.” That’s what my friend wrote on facebook. Please if you have time, do go to this website http://www.standupforjerusalem.org/ and sign the petition. For you it is just one click, for them it might be a matter of staying in Jerusalem or being made refugees.

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For those of you who have not read the first part published some time ago, I would advice you to do so in order to fully understand this post.

Eventually, Hasan was allowed to attend the childbirth of his second child in the Jerusalem hospital. However, since that day, he has not seen the baby and his wife. All that he can do is to telephone and find out if everything is ok. (more…)

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Nablus is the biggest and the most beautiful city in the West Bank. I personally prefer it to Jerusalem. It is less touristic and less crowded. The issue of demolitions of exclusively Palestinian houses and other discriminatory measures implemented by the Jerusalem officials against Palestinians make Jerusalem highly unequal. Yet, the average tourist does not know neither about it nor that East Jerusalem has been annexed by Israel even though according to international law it is an occupied territory like the West Bank, so he/she is delighted with the city. The dark side of the place is skilfully hidden. This is the reason why I prefer Nablus: there is no such discrimination there. It is a place full of different factories: olive-oil soap factories, bakeries, sweets factories, spice factories. In the Old City, there are also many turkish baths. A tour in Nablus is like a tour in a fairy land 🙂 Nablus is also the city where the resistance movement to the Israeli occupation has been very strong. It has been punished for it with long curfews (the longest lasted from July to mid-October 2002) and seven checkpoints around the city which enables a total blockade if the Israeli army sees it necessary.

Hopefully, pictures below will give you an idea of the place 🙂


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The top of the hill. That's what is left from the military camp.

The top of the hill. That's what is left from the military camp.

The festival in Oush Grab in Beit Sahour (1km from Bethlehem) was meant to start on Thursday and finish on Sunday. Unfortunately, Palestinians were again shown that they cannot really decide over their own land, over their own festivals, and so forth.

Firstly, a few words about Oush Grab or Ush Grab. It is a high hill in the southern part of Beit Sahour town which used to be occupied by a military camp first by the British during the British Mandate, then by the Jordanians, and eventually by the Israelis. In 2006, when the Israelis abandoned it, the land was handed over to the municipality of Beit Sahour and was meant to be used as a public space. A play area for children, a restaurant, and an open garden for events have already been built on the slopes of the hill. However, on the top of the hill there are military buildings left and the Israeli army still retains the control over it as it is a strategic point with a view over the whole Beit Sahour town. (more…)

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The situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) is complicated, unclear and confusing for both tourists and pilgrims. The mainstream media does not necessarily provide people with unbiased information that would help in creating a clear image of this part of the world.

Imagine that an average person decides to visit the Holy Land. Firstly, he/she has to buy a flight ticket. When one scrolls down the options of airport names on the airlines website looking for Palestine, one cannot find anything as there is no functioning airport in the OPT. The only options left are either Amman in Jordan or Tel Aviv in Israel. (more…)

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Dear all,

I ask you to read this article about arrests that happened last week when Israeli and international activists joined the Soleiby family to pick fruit on the family’s land. Every week supporters come with the family to protect the Palestinians from attacks from the nearby settlers but also the military. 

Even though the family finally achieved being allowed to farm their fields just a few days ago I believe their story to be very important. Palestine and Israel are not in war. This is not a “conflict”. But the occupation happens every single day.

You can read more on http://palestinesolidarityproject.org/

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